Flexijet 3D civil engineers builders with a number of benefits and helps with many aspects of construction projects. It allows civil engineers to precisely measure the dimensions of space, shape and objects, which is crucial for accurate planning and execution of works. Builders can use Flexijet 3D to plan and design construction works, including laying foundations, walls, roofs and other structures. Flexijet 3D measurement imports into all standard CAD/CAM/BIM software, making it easy to create technical drawings and construction plans. Civil engineers can use Flexijet 3D to measure the existing condition of the building in order to detect possible deformations or changes in the construction facilities over time. Accurate measurement and planning help to reduce unnecessary costs and avoid errors during the execution of works. By using Flexijet 3D, builders can speed up the processes of measurement, documentation and planning, reduce the time of execution of works and increase the efficiency of construction.