FlexijetSTONE is especially designed for stonemason industry

Flexi Stone





FlexijetSTONE is especially designed for stonemason industry. Together with our FlexijetSTONE software enables simple and precise measurements of work surfaces and other sufaces in stone intdustry. Exceptional momentary levelling and simple command selection enables you to begin your measurements immediately without wasting time.
FlexijetSTONE software enables 2D measuremts and displays multiple surface measurements in 3D format for beginner and advanced users. File creation for CNC processing with details such as overhangs, sinks, socket holes and other customised demands is simple and intuitive.
Hand-created templates become a thing of the past thanks to Flexijet 3D digital templates. Flexijet digital template creation capabilities will improve your precision and save time and money in the long run.
FlexijetSTONE is an adapted version of the fully equippe FlexiCAD software. Especially adapted for stonemasonry and work surfaces although it is usually used for 2D surfaces it still holds important 3D capabilities.

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