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Innovative 3D CAD laser measurements

Measure in 3D or 2D CAD for any feature that requires precise measurements. Flexijet measures and creates a CAD drawing at the same time on the spot!

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The advantages of Flexijet 3D laser and digitalisation system

Increased productivity

The measurement is done by one person which reduces labour costs and project completion times

Increased efficiency

Classical measurements and drawings take time and uses up materials. With smart planning of 3D measurements you will reduce action repetition, waste and profit from the benefits of the 4.0 Industry

Immediate space visualisation

Najvažnija značajka Flexijeta je točno mjerenje i crtanje u 3D u jednom koraku uz trenutne provjere prikazanih rezultata. Nema više rukom napisanih mjera i bilješki. Provjera izmjere na licu mjesta uz automatsko dimenzioniranje i projekciju točaka. Kompletna izmjera jednostavno se pretvara u .dwg/ .dxf format i kao takva se može dalje koristiti unutar svih poznatih CAD/CAM programa ili na CNC strojeve


No more scaffolding or ladders. No obstacle measurements 360 vertical and horizontal as well as perpendicular with regards to the ceiling and floor and parallel with the wall.

Flexibility and compatibility

You will measure angles, arcs, curves and other shapes faster and more precisely – without effort or the need for calculations. Easy to handle and maneuver – automatic leveling of the stand. Obstacle-free measurement 360 vertically and horizontally also vertically in relation to the floor and ceiling. Performing complex measurements: you will measure angles, arcs, curves and other shapes faster and more precisely – without effort and the need for calculations.

Flexijet 3D- The Next Generation

Industry 4.0

Flexijet 3D is a key innovative part of Industry 4.0 – a revolution that combines digitalisation and industry manufacturing processes.

Advanced technology

Flexijet 3D is an advanced technoology device that enables precise measurements and modelling and enables automatization, optimisation and efficiency.

Digital measurements

Digital measurement, designing in CAD/CAM/BIM software, manufacturing on CNC machines, provides us with efficiency, and the possibility of mistakes when copying or verbally explaining to colleagues is reduced to a minimum, which makes the user more competitive on the market.

Flexijet 3D is used globally in more than 30 countries and includes innovative features that will improve your construction site measurements.

How can Flexijet 3D help your company?

Companies today are looking for sophisticated, personalized, quick and precise solutions for their needs. Saving time, accuracy and reliability of data and eliminating human error are the main advantages of using the Flexijet 3D measuring and scanning system.

Key industries where Flexijet is an indispensable tool

Architects and surveyors

Flexijet 3D enables high precision when measuring space...


Flexijet 3D offers builders a number of advantages and helps...


Flexijet 3D can precisely measure a ship's hull, including complex...


Flexijet 3D enables precise measurement of space...

Interior design

Precise measurement of space and creation of a 3D model...

Stonemasons and stairmakers

Flexijet 3D enables detailed measurement of stairs, height, width...

Glassworkers and scaffolding

Precise measurement of surfaces, windows, doors, glass walls...

Locksmiths and metal industry

Precise measurement of metal parts, design and planning...

System features

We present some of the main features of the system that will help you easily apply the Flexijet 3D device

Intuitive software

Intuitive software guides the user during measuremnts so that the the measurement processing and designing can be as clear as possible Every measurement point is photodocumented using an in-built camera

A large choice of predefined symbols and objects such as windows, doors, radiators, air conditioners, installations etc. makes the measuring process quicker and using the measurements is simpler for all.

Users that don’t have a FlexiCAD 3.1 or newer sofrware licence can view Flexijet measure data with a free FlexiCAD Viewer.

Reliable Hardware

High quality equipment and functionalities enable the user pleasant and extremely precise operation.

The equipment is designed to save the user’s time, touchscreen, 5MP integrated camera and carbon fibre base are only parts of this exquisitely manufactured hardware.

The redesigned Flexijet 3D design “The Next Generation” received in 2018. the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

Excellent support

We’ve been providing service for more than 8 years and we use the device for measuring interiors, shipbuilding, metal and glass industry, and other areas. This experience makes us competent to provide support to our users.

Our users can request training to use the device during purchase and count on support over email or interactively thorugh the TeamViewer programme. Specific real-situtation user manuals can also be requested.

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Flexijet 3D enables simple data import to most frequently used software and much more!

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