Measurement and images overview taken with Flexijet 3D device

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FlexijetViewer is a free software that enables the overview of measurements and images taken using the laser measurement system Flexijet 3D Next Generation. Allows the overview of measured drawings with belonging photographs and images of measuring points and enables sharing this data with colleagues and clients. This app improves the measuring documentation and enables additonal files to be a part of a full measurement data package in FlexiCAD.

For instance, you can add DXF measurement files export, additional images, place descriptions, design plans or offers in different file formats. All these files can be packed in a single organized package and presented to colleagues or clients to view and approve using FlexijetViewer.

To open the FlexiCAD file in FlexijetViewer you need to package it beforehand using a simple order in FlexiCAD or FlexijetSTONE. FlexijetViewer is available on Windows and Apple Mac OSX operating systems.

For FlexiCAD-a and AutoCAD users

FlexiCAD users can use the software for a better overview and post-processing of their measurements. For this purpose, Flexijet Viewer can be opened using FlexiCAD-a and works in combination with FlexiCAD. For instance, on the other screen or within the local network on a different computer.
On one screen the user can work in FlexiCAD and on the other screen all active maps can be shown in FlexiCAD as an overview or as a single image in Flexijet Viewer.
CAD software and Flexijet Viewera interaction is also available for AutoCAD and AutoCAD based apps. Flexijet Viewer can show hyperlinked images in DWG or DXF files directly from measurements thorugh LAN.


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