Glassworkers and scaffolding

Flexijet 3D enables fast and precise measurement of surfaces, including windows, doors, glass walls and other structures. It is crucial to have accurate and precise dimensions so that the glass products are properly made without additional costs during installation, and to ensure that they perfectly suit different circumstances, spaces and design requirements. It also enables glaziers to precisely measure existing products in order to adapt them to new requirements or client needs, such as glass replacement or frame adjustments.
Flexijet 3D makes it easier for facade contractors to accurately measure, model and control the quality of facade constructions, resulting in better quality and service. It enables quick and precise measurement of existing building structures, which is useful for documenting the current state of buildings, monitoring changes over time, and planning the renovation or replacement of the facade. Facade contractors can use Flexijet 3D to control the quality of their work, identify potential imperfections and ensure that facade constructions meet high standards.