3D measurement of steps and positions on the structure for point support spider fittings for glass

Project description

One of the clients who recognized the advantages of the approach that we constantly emphasize, which is increased precision while saving time and money, is the company Drvona from Karlovac.
The biggest advantage of Flexijet measurement, which Drvona saw very quickly after working with us, is reduced measurement errors and easier execution and assembly of their products.
One of the projects we worked on together at the beginning of last year was the furnishing of a luxury apartment in the Podsljemenska zone in Zagreb. We called that project Project M, and below is a part of it: pictures that show the final result of the 3D measurement, execution and assembly of the custom-made kitchen.

Flexijet operator for 3D measurement and drafting of the measurement: Josip Hruškar
Technical preparation: Articus d.o.o.
Project manager and installation: Ambientalni Dekor j.d.o.o.

Project summary

The success of this project testifies to the power of digitization in the furniture manufacturing process – from the first steps of measurement, through technical preparation and manufacturing, to final assembly. It confirms that the right combination of technology, expertise and precision is essential for the successful implementation of even the most complex projects.

Flexijet measurement

Flexijet measurements

Technical preparation