Stonemasons and stairmakers

Flexijet 3D enables stonemasons to precisely measure spaces and objects for the needs of interior and exterior decoration, making facades, floors, benches, stairs, swimming pools, kitchen tops, tables, wall and floor coverings. Precise measurement is crucial in all industries because an error detected during assembly is incomparably more expensive than an error detected during construction.

Flexijet 3D enables detailed measurement of stairs, including their height, width, slope and shape. The use of Flexijet 3D facilitates the processes of measurement, documentation and planning, which reduces the time required for the execution of works and increases the efficiency of the production of stairs. Accurate measurement and planning help reduce unnecessary costs and avoid mistakes during the construction of stairs. It enables precise measurement of the existing condition for the needs of the new design. Flexijet 3D is compatible with all standard CAD/CAM/BIM software, making it easy to create technical drawings and construction documentation.